Hunter Biden ‘Dindu Nuffins’ Says Adam Schiff and the Congressional Democrats

It’s quite telling that the Democrats were consistent in proclaiming “Hunter Biden ‘dindu nuffins'” during the hearing today, but became apoplectic at the suggestion that he be called to testify.  If Senate Hearings actually happen, that dog won’t hunt anymore.

This whole effort seems almost like a conspiracy of some Democrats to get Joe Biden out of the race and clear the way for a candidate more palatable to the ‘woke wing’ of the party.  The Democrats are giving the Republicans a platform to say Hunter Biden, Burisma, and bribery so many times during a hearing that even the king of repetition, Mike Lindell (the MyPillow guy), is getting jealous.  I predict Joe will fold his tent before Super Tuesday.  His excuse – all the help he got from Congressional Democrats.