It’s Gonna Be A Barney Kind Of Halloween

It just depends upon which ‘Barney’ shows up.


Christine Blasey Ford’s Classmate Discloses Another Possibility Regarding Kavanaugh Claim

But, then again, maybe not. There is no way to know whether said classmate’s recollection hasn’t been “refreshed” by an internet meme that is currently plying the nether regions of the interweb.

**FakeNews Alert
**/sarc ‘n /snark Alert


New Species Discovered – The Kim Kardashiant

**Taxonomic Rank – In biological classification, taxonomic rank is the relative level of a group of organisms (a taxon) in a taxonomic hierarchy. Examples of taxonomic ranks are species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain, etc.


Declassify This, Nike

Just ‘Effing Do It.


Senate Installs New Cloakroom ‘Facilities’

Now we know where that old Senate “Decorum” went….


Mark Cuban To Spend 10 Million Dollars On Sexual Harassment ‘Indulgences’

From the Washington Post we learn, “Mark Cuban to donate $10 million to women’s groups after investigation into Dallas Mavericks.

After a seven-month investigation into the workplace culture of the Dallas Mavericks, owner Mark Cuban agreed to donate $10 million to women’s groups, and the NBA has created a series of mandates Dallas must follow moving forward.

Those punishments were announced Wednesday afternoon, in concert with the release of a 43-page report from the investigation by former Manhattan district attorney Evan Krutoy and former New Jersey attorney general Anne Milgram.

I have zero empathy for the arrogant Mr. Cuban, but I do see that the precedent set by his purchasing “indulgences” is going to unleash a pack of predators similar to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push or Al Sharpton’s National Action Network of “Shakedown Kings“, except it will be of the #Metoo movement rather than the “No Justice, No Peace” movement.  On second thought, I bet you’ll see the two Reverends end up right in the middle of this new opportunity for legalized extortion.