Las Vegas Car Chase Shootout

Las Vegas Metro PD officers in pursuit of two murder suspects are fired at 34 times. This body worn camera footage shows the end of the chase during which officers, numerous motorists, and the public at large were in extreme danger.


Here’s Johnny!! And Hoggy And Commie


Krispy Kreme-lin

This last year’s headline from The Guardian is too delicious not to pilfer, “Krispy Kreme-lin: Trump and Schumer trade tweets over Putin doughnut photo“.  And it’s still appropriate considering Chuck’s ranting about the Helsinki Summit.  But the reality is, judging by the Chuck’s smile, is that all he needs to be BFF’s with ‘murderous dictators’ is a donut.  Granted it was a Krispy Kreme donut, but still….

Follow the doughnuts.

That was Donald Trump’s advice to the American people on Friday as he sought to fight back against a fresh avalanche of allegations about his ties to Russia.

True to his philosophy that attack is always the best form of defence, Trump tweeted an old photo of Chuck Schumer, the Democratic minority leader in the Senate, smiling alongside the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.


Hump Day – Hey Kitty! Hey Mike!! And Hey Katie Perry!!


Joe Walsh – Pissed Off Dupe

“Former Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh fired off angry tweets for hours Monday, calling President Donald Trump a “traitor” — which conveniently blunted a wave of mockery after he appeared on a comedy series unironically calling to arm four-year-olds with mortars”, writes Breitbart in the scathing story, “Damage Control: Joe Walsh Calls Trump ‘Traitor’ After Sacha Baron Cohen Humiliation”.


The Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit Explained – An Analogy

In explaining the inexplicable and words fail…. try pictures.