Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses The New Aging App

CBSNews reports, “All your friends are posting aging selfies with FaceApp – a Russian app that’s raising privacy concerns.”  Yeah.  We can where a ‘FBI Investigation‘ might be in order.

All you have to do is download FaceApp and take a photo before applying an old-age filter. But users should know that privacy concerns have emerged about the Russian-made app.

FaceApp, a startup owned by Russian company Wireless Lab, uses artificial technology to transform your photos, according to its website. With a filter, you can see what you’d look with a beard, gray hair, and even realistic-looking wrinkles.


Golfing With Bogey

Kitty says, “Let me come golfing with you, Dad.  I’ll be good.  I’ll chase birdies.  Maybe some squirrels.  I’m very quiet.  No noise.  I can get my own snacks.  Pee breaks won’t slow you down.  Please…..Dad?  Please???”