George Conway Is A Sausage-fingered Dick – Update….

Another day and George is still a Sausage-fingered Dick.

From the DailyCaller, “Elise Stefanik Fires Back At ‘Misogynist’ George Conway After He Calls Her ‘Trash’.”  Apparently, George is actually a Sausage-fingered misogynistic Dick.  #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne.

Rather than murder the slob, Kellyanne, just #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne

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Kaepernick Punts On NFL Workout

NFL ‘Disappointed’ at Kaepernick for Not Appearing at Workout, writes Breitbart.

The NFL arranged a workout for Colin Kaepernick that was going to be attended by more than two dozen teams.

However, after Kaepernick refused to agree to the league’s conditions regarding the workout, the league’s original anthem protester did a work out at a local Atlanta high school instead.

If Kaepernick wanted to play football he would have shown for the workout scheduled by the NFL, signed the waivers, and played his very best ‘game’.  He would have had his head in his performance rather than confronting perfectly reasonable NFL requests.  If he could have demonstrated that he could play and be part of a ‘team’, it’s likely that some organization, either out of ‘woke’ guilt or need, would have picked him up.  But no.

Kaepernick proved again why he is poison for any NFL Franchise and why he is poison for the sport.  Regardless of whatever talent he may still have, there is not one team out there that can afford to lose even 5 % of it’s focus and continue to win games, much less be a contender.  Colin should just make the decision to be the best shoe salesman he can be….and be done with football.  Because football should be done with him.


George Conway Is A Sausage-fingered Dick

Rather than murder the slob, Kellyanne, just #KickHimToTheCurbKellyanne


Calizuela Dreamin’

Blackouts: California’s Electric Car Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

The result? A blackout akin to the Venezuela 2019 blackouts that kept millions in the dark.

The blackouts—which one might expect from a third-world or mismanaged nation such as Venezuela or even Pakistan, which leads the world in the number of annual blackouts—are life and death for some California residents, and the problem isn’t expected to be resolved anytime soon. But it also may mean life and death for California’s plan to encourage residents to adopt EVs.

Unlike third-world blackouts, critical California operations such as medical facilities are all equipped with backup generators for times of outage. But residents who rely on electricity to power medical devices are at great risk. And EV owners may find themselves stranded.