Rube Goldberg – A Case of the Fidgets (Spinners)

Awww!! Monday After St. Patrick’s Day

Deep State Swamp Creatures Contemplate Andy McCabe’s Head

The ‘Deep State’ Swamp Creatures can’t believe that Mr. “Muzagroo” Sessions actually fired Andy McCabe.

Tide Pod Generation and Gun Control

TidePod Gen / iGen / Gen Z: Born between 1995 and 2012
As of 2017 most of these folks are still too young to have made an impact. However the older ones might be fighting our war in Afghanistan. The younger ones are hopefully still in school and planning on careers and jobs that will have strong demand and generate new opportunities.

Memo To Kim Jong-un – Ditch The Cat

Just remember. If your cat can’t murder you, she’ll settle for murdering the entire world.

Snoopy Sez, “I’d Rather Fight The Red Baron Than Fly United

From NPR, “Dog Dies In Overhead Bin On United Flight; Airline Apologizes”.

A family that flew on United Airlines Monday night is mourning their dog, after the pet died in an overhead bin — an arrangement that a flight attendant had reportedly insisted upon. United says it was “a tragic accident” and that it is investigating.

The incident prompted shock, outrage and sadness, particularly after it emerged that a flight attendant had required the dog, a 10-month-old French bulldog, to be placed into the overhead bin, despite the family having followed all the rules about flying with a pet in an airliner’s cabin — including using a TSA-approved pet carrier.

The Royal Guardsmen – “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron”

Hillary – If It Wasn’t For Those Weak, White Married Women….

…I’d be president.

Hillary Blames White Women For Loss

Tea Party With Vlad

What’s the Diplomatic Protocol for a attending a Tea Party Reception with Vlad Putin?  Miss Manners says that “If you can’t find an excuse to be in another country, just pretend to sip.”