Awww!! Evil Clown Dog

You could, but why would you?

This pups ‘owner/groomer’ better be keeping his Life Alert subscription paid up to date, because if he falls and can’t get up… Well, he’s guaranteed to be toast. Err… call him Kibbles ‘n Bits, instead.


Gives New Meaning to “Short Bus”

We didn’t have great buses like this to get to stool when I was a kid. We had to walk barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways, to get stooled.

Thanks Anon in MT


John ‘Effing McCain, RIP

We’ll miss the Senator in oh, so many ways….


‘I’ Before ‘E’ Is A Lie, Except, Of Course, In ‘Lie’

Even the FakeNews Washington Post (yeah, a stopped clock….yada, yada, yada) got this one right, “The ‘i before e, except after c’ rule is a giant lie.”

“I before E, except after C.”

The familiar grade school mnemonic is a “supreme, and for many people solitary, spelling rule,” linguist Edward Carney wrote in “A survey of English spelling.” Its primacy has been acknowledged in English grammar textbooks from 1866 (James Stuart Laurie’s “Manual of English Spelling,”) until the present day (Bryan Garner’s “Modern English Usage”).

But like many, many other rules in the English language, it turns out this one is built on a foundation of lies.

Thanks Anon in MT


Overstuffed Toes

Wrong in so many ways….


Return To The Island Of The Blue Dolphins

“Island of the Blue Dolphins”