WTF – The Adventures of Eraser Man

I’m sure there is a truly significant lesson here, but fuck if I can figure it out.

Reddi Whip With Benefits

Bill Murray doesn’t approve??

An Indiana Jones Halloween Party

In party parlance, this is called an ‘arc‘ party.  Or maybe not.  You decide.

Indiana Jones – “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Pinapple Harvest


Boulevard of Broken Memes and Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Memes.

Boulevards of Broken Dreams.

He Forgot to Wear His Tinfoil PJ’s

And wearing a tinfoil ‘nightcap‘ wouldn’t have hurt either.

Yoda, The Early Years (02)

It’s obvious that Yoda had still yet to master “The Force” when this High School Yearbook photo was taken.  About his sweater, “Criticize you will my Mother’s knitting, but warm I am, so complain I will not.”

Yet to be a Master, Yoda’s Freshman Yearbook Photo


Alice’s Psychedelic Rabbit

Poor rabbit looks like he has ‘pink eye’.

The rabbit hole can be inviting, but a bit strange for some.

Emiliana Torrini – “White Rabbit (Sucker Punch)”