Radar Lovin’ White Line Fever

Pick your favorite way to view the Ol’ White Line – a little “Radar Love” or a tad bit of “White Line Fever”.

Golden Earring – “Radar Love”

Merle Haggard – “White Line Fever”


Keith Richards RIP Update – You Gotta Take Care Of Yourself Mick

From CNN, “Mick Jagger doing well after heart valve replacement”.

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is recovering after a heart valve replacement procedure.

“Mick Jagger has successfully undergone treatment. He is doing very well and is expected to make a full recovery,” a representative for Jagger said in a statement to CNN.

A source close to the band told CNN earlier this week that Jagger was being treated to replace a valve in his heart, but a representative for the singer declined to elaborate.


Would You Take A Ride On Elon’s Big ‘Effing Rocket?

TechCrunch reports, “Elon Musk just renamed SpaceX’s Big F** Rocket.”  How about booking a seat?

BFR, the monster rocket that will cost SpaceX roughly $5 billion to develop, has a new name.

SpaceX  CEO Elon Musk  tweeted late Monday night that he has renamed the company’s largest (and yet to be built) BFR rocket to Starship. Or more precisely, the spaceship portion will be called Starship. The rocket booster used to propel Starship from Earth’s gravitational grasp will be called Super Heavy.

Me. I’ll pass on a chance for a seat on Elon’s BFR – Big ‘Effing Rocket, since I’m never an ‘early adopter’, and since I seen pictures of how he came to design the ‘effing thing.