Happy Anniversary President Trump

It’s been one year since the “votes heard ’round the world” were cast.

Les Deplorables

Hey Robert Mueller – Follow The Uranium

Snoop Dogg R.I.P. – Hang Up Those SoCal 90’s

Bashing Trump won’t make the Dogg any more relevant than his Adidas SoCal 90’s footwear.  Snoop.  Why don’t you just Fade Away and Party Like It’s 1999, instead of giving black and brown people more excuses to murder each other?

Chicago Murders courtesy of HeyJackass.com

Jabba the Trump and Princess Melania

Here’s a storyboard from the proposed 17th episode in the Star Wars saga – “Star Wars: Attack of the MAGA’s.”

Jabba the Trump and Princess Melania in Star Wars – Attack of the MAGA’s

Hurricane Irma – Sharks Aloft

Holy Shark Week, Al Gore!! Is that Trump’s fault too?

**FakeNews Alert

Run. Don’t Walk






Some ‘Attitude Antidote’ Before Reading Today’s Drudge Report

Have a little fun while being immunized against this morning’s Drudge Report headlines.

Drudge is shouting again.

FakeNews CNN Meme Update ~ 01

With no cure on the horizon for FakeNews CNN’s possibly terminal case of Trump Deranngement Syndrome (TDS), the FakeNews CNN Meme Update could become a regular feature around here. Stay tuned…. Update ~ 01