StreetArt – Watermelon Style

And a few more tasty attempts at art.

And some more.


FBI’s Little Pyscho

Welcome to the Strzok Hotel. Proprietors, Peter and Petra Strzok. Est. 2018.

Found here.


Schumer Shows True Stripes, Err…. Tats


FakeNews CNN In the Crosshairs

Here’s one from the “I’m so woke, that I don’t need to do what I demand everyone else to do Liberal Hypocrite Department.”

Breitbart reports that “CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza deleted a tweet Tuesday afternoon containing a gif of President Donald Trump in the center of a rifle’s crosshairs.”  Ouch!!

You would think that with all the interminable hours FakeNews CNN spent on the Parkland Shooting story that placing the President’s image in a snipers “crosshairs” might be ‘one toke over the line‘.  But, sweet Jesus, not for Chris.


Comey Memos Released – McCabe and Comey On The Run**

Comey and McCabe Slow Speed Chase

Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s Memos

Click the Document to read Comey’s Memos

**Figuratively speaking, of course.


Pelosi Takes Trump On ‘Walking Tour’