Where In The World Is Dan Rather?

Playing ‘Whac-A-Mole’ with Ted Cruz. Any guess as to who’s the mole and who’s the Whacker?

Ouch!! Dan. That repartee is gonna leave a mark.

IQ By AOC – The Green New Infrastructure Deal

“Love the pig you’re with”

Nancy and AOC are looking for “Popular Title” suggestions for their Green New Infrastructure Deal bill. Here are some possibilities to work with–a snip here, a cut there, a little pasting…

Trichinosis: The Threat is Overblown.
Defeat the Big Bad Wolf of Hunger… with Pork.
Pork Your Hunger.
When Pigs Lie…On Your Plate.
It’s Time for a Pork.
You Can’t Fake a Good Porking
Have Pork, Will Travel.
Knife and Pork
Life: Where There is Never a Porking Fee
Be Thinner Than Your Dinner. Eat Pork.
Everybody Porks.

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Hunter Biden Has A Little ‘Parm’ Problem

You smoked WHAT, Hunter?

Snopes–In an interview broadcast on April 4, 2021, Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, said he mistook parmesan cheese for crack cocaine in the past and accidentally smoked the dairy product.
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While it was true Hunter Biden said, “I probably smoked more parmesan cheese than anyone,” his statements implied that he mistook other granular items for the drug during the depths of his crack addiction. Additionally, it was false to frame that quote as a confession that he sought out and smoked parmesan cheese, specifically, to try to get high.

Hunter Biden – Human Wreckage