George Floyd Mural Destroyed By Lightning Strike

The Irony Is Thick With This One…

Newsweek–A mural honoring the late George Floyd collapsed after being hit by lightning, according to witnesses.

Photos show the mural in Toledo, Ohio—which was painted following Floyd’s death last year—reduced to rubble.

According to local ABC-affiliate WTVG, Toledo Police said witnesses reported lightning had hit the building at approximately 4:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

13abc reported that its Doppler radar, a device used in weather monitoring, detected a strike around the area at that time.

Lego’s New Slogan – “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste When You Can Make It A Marketing Opportunity”

FBI seized ‘fully constructed’ US Capitol Lego set from home of alleged rioter

The Hill–The FBI seized a “fully constructed” Lego set of the U.S. Capitol from the home of an alleged insurrectionist. Prosecutors detailed the finding in a court document for Robert Morss, who was arrested on June 11 at his home in Glenshaw, Pa. The government argued that Morss should be detained from court pending trial.

**Lego ‘Capitol Invasion’ set includes the QAnon Shaman – Woo-Hoo!!

William Shatner Launches Major Jeff Where No Mogul Has Gone Before

Petitions to Keep Jeff Bezos in Space After Blue Origins Launch Exceed 100,000 Signatures

Jeff Bezos in Star Trek Beyond

Newsweek–Petitions calling on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to stay in space once he gets there have been signed more than 100,000 times since they were launched two weeks ago.

Bezos is a multi-billionaire and world’s richest person with a net worth of around $200bn, according to Forbes. He is due to travel to space on July 20 with Blue Origin, the private rocket company he founded.

Next month’s launch is purely for pleasure, marking the growth of the nascent space tourism industry.

William Shatner Launches Major Jeff Where No Mogul Has Gone Before

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