Ready Player One

From the Guardian, “Spielberg’s Ready Player One – in 2045, virtual reality is everyone’s savior“.

It’s 2045 and Earth has been brought to its knees by catastrophic climate change and a worldwide energy crisis, not to mention famine, poverty, disease and war. In short, everything we presently fear has come to pass. It is the ultimate dystopian future.

That’s the premise of Ready Player One, a work of science fiction from 2011 by Ernest Cline and now a movie by Steven Spielberg. Wade Watts, the story’s protagonist, is born into a generation that feels failed by reality. The only thing making life bearable is the OASIS, a globally networked virtual reality world. Using a visor and a set of haptic-feedback gloves, Wade and millions like him enter its realm daily.

Y2K – When Times Were More Simple

**Y2K Bug

San Francisco Four Days Before Big Quake

No.  We’re not referring to appalling “Not Guilty” verdict in the Kate Steinle Murder trial, but the actual  ‘Great’ San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906.  From,

The earthquake occurred at 5:13 a.m. local time, with its epicenter offshore of San Francisco, which then had a population of approximately 400,000 people.

The greatest devastation resulted from the fires that quickly followed the quake. The initial tremors destroyed the city’s water mains, leaving firefighters with no means of combating the growing blaze, which burned for several days and consumed much of the city. More than 3,000 people perished and more than 28,000 buildings were destroyed in the disaster. Additionally, some 250,000 of San Francisco’s residents were made homeless. Damages were estimated at around $500 million (in 1906 dollars).

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