Some Advice for Lena Dunham

The first bit of advice is lay low while Kathy Griffin is taking all the flack because of her stupid Trump Beheading photo scheme. That should keep you out of the news for months. And the second, first bit of advice is ….

Argh! My eyes!

This calls for a second dose of “Eye Bleach”. Eeewww!

Kardashian Family Business Closes

After Bruce had his ‘chopadicktomy’ operation and became Caitlyn, and the rest of the Kardashian crew became, well, gross, demand for the family business’s product ‘petered’ out.  The factory doors had to be closed and equipment scrapped and sent to the bone yard (drumroll, please).  It was a sight much too ghastly to contemplate – a vision truly worthy of an Eye Bleach Alert.

You’ve been warned. Click ‘read more’ at your own peril.

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Huma’s Free At Last

Now that Anthony’s junk is going to jail, and Huma has filed for divorce, let the games begin.

Eeewww!! Perhaps this post should have had an “Eye Bleach Alert”.

The Case Against Man-buns

Or Mullets.  Or Man-ponytails.  Or good grief!!  ‘Effing Back-hair….

**Sorry for the late ‘Eye Bleach’ Alert

Eye Bleach Alert – Summer Sundress Season Cancelled

WTF – Stable Mates For Ever

This post should have included an “Eye Bleach Alert” warning.  My bad….

Trump Draws – Tiny Troll Hands

Trump Draws – Tiny Troll Junk (Eye Bleach Alert)

Queen of the Flies – Eeewww!!