A TPE PSA – The 2021 CDC Pool Pooper Guide

Eeewww!! And Adults. Don’t forget your mask while swimming. Outside. In the water. Sounds like an exercise in self-waterboarding. For the kiddies. Don’t swim if you’re sick with diarrhea. One person with diarrhea can contaminate the entire pool. Learn more ways to keep you and those you care about healthy. Double Eeewww!!

They call the little girl on the slide ‘The Streak’…Eeewww!! Again!!

F*cking Cicada Attacks A F*cking CNN Reporter Live

“S**t! F**king cicada!” Manu Raju said as producers bleeped the obscenities.

Daily Caller–CNN’s chief congressional correspondent had a run-in with a cicada Thursday when the bug crawled up his neck as he prepared for a live shot.

Manu Raju shared a video of the unpleasant encounter, saying, “Had an unwelcome visitor try to crawl into my live shot earlier.”

Raju could be seen talking to producers, clearly unaware that the cicada was crawling up the lapel of his suit jacket. It followed his collar and then disappeared behind his neck as he waited for his cue.

“Worms. It’s What’s For Dinner…??”

World Economic Forum Promotes Mealworms as New Protein Source in Europe’s Bid to Reduce Meat Consumption

As well as being a nutritious food source, insects consume fewer resources than traditional livestock. There are, of course, many parts of the world where insects are already part of everyday diets. Industrializing their production and consumption could open up new routes to feeding the world’s growing population and alleviating some of the environmental pressures caused by conventional agriculture.

Ensuring access to safe, healthy sources of food is a key part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) drive. From zero hunger to climate action, from ending poverty to ensuring responsible use of resources, many of the 17 SDGs relate to the food people eat, how it is grown and how it is distributed.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Meat: The Future report, keeping up with the demand for animal-derived protein could put meeting the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement targets in jeopardy.

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