Abby Road Gets A Facelift

The old street was looking a bit shabby… and lonely with the old ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’ going on.  Besides, what’s one to do with all of that extra Economic Stimulus money, anyway?

The Beatles – “You Never Give Me Your Money” (Remastered 2009)

Britain’s Dodgy Old Cock-up, Prince Charles, Gives VP Pence The Cold Shoulder

Charlie, the man who will never, ever, ever be fit to be King (says his mommy, the Queen), made a real International dog’s dinner of an incident when he refused to shake Vice President Mike Pence’s hand at the Auschwitz memorial event Thursday.

The churlishness of the damp old squid’s lack of decorum, gobsmacked those attending. Mr. Pence, though,  was characteristically unperturbed by the spectacular gaff.  The VP noted that President “has been known to tweet about subjects of interest to him” and that the President probably has a better relationship with the Queen than that wanker son of hers, Charles.  So stay tuned…

May. June or July??

UK’s Evening Standard reports, “Theresa May resigns: Prime Minister in tears as she tells UK she will quit on June 7 with leadership in tatters over Brexit.

Her voice breaking with emotion, Mrs May said: “I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honour of my life to hold.

“The second female prime minister, but certainly not the last. I do so with no ill will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love.”

Standing in Downing Street, Mrs May announced she will resign formally as Tory leader on June 7 and leave as Prime Minister when her successor is chosen, probably in mid to late July.