ScienceDiet – Cockroach Donuts

Eeewww!! Wait a minute! Wait a minute. The donuts only look like cockroaches.  I was worried that donuts had become the newest example of “Cricketeria” Food.  Ugh.

New ‘Colon Cleaner’ Seeks FDA Approval For Colonoscopy Prep

Good Treats? Or Crappy Treats? Watch for the New ‘Treat’O Meter’ App

Scheduled release date October 2018.  However, don’t be despondent.  Until the app is released, here are a few easy judging criteria that will help turn your candy gathering experience from crappy to stellar.

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ScienceDiet – Fair Food Re-Imagined

Ultimate ‘Triple S’ Combination – Sweet, Sour, and Salty.

New UPS Store Snack Bar Menu

UPS Store Snack Bar ‘House Specialty’ – Vegan Burger Pak.

**And you can use any left-overs to cushion your valuables for shipment.

The ‘New’ Vitamin C

Forget that ‘old’ runny nose and sniffles Vitamin C, give the ‘new’ help me make in through the day Vitamin C.

**For a limited time you can get your ‘new’ Vitamin C compounded with pumpkin spice.

The Tragic Story Behind Your ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Latte Revealed

It’s too late for these poor pumpkins, but with your help others could be saved. Join the #DrinkAnythingButPumpkinSpice movement today.

Coffee Art – Drink It? Or Frame It?