The Complete Guide To Oreo Cookies


ScienceDiet – Hot Pockets Fuzz-Free/Gluten-Free Bellybuttons

Guaranteed 100% Fuzz-Free/Gluten-Free Bellybuttons

Invitation To The Donner Party – Tupperware, Avon, and Recipe Sharing


ScienceDiet – Knit One, Purl Two

Or was that ‘noodle one, slurp two’?

“Knitting Noodles”

These Recalls Are Getting Old

First they came for the salad (romaine lettuce), then they came for the meat main dish (hamburger), then they recalled the pretty garnish (fried onions and garlic).  Pretty soon the only thing left to eat will be dog food. Whoopsie….


Coyote Ugly Margarita Recipe – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Coyote Ugly -“Pour Some Sugar On Me”