Texas Valentine’s Day Cards On Markdown

“Cook or Freeze” by February 14. Get a cute little sticker to go over the label, and no problem.  It’s the thought that counts, right? And do remember to give it the ‘sniff/tiny taste test’ when you thaw it out for next year’s romance.

Procter & Gamble’s New Line of “Tide Snacks” – Easter Candy Shortage Update

Capitalizing on the unexpected success of “Tide Pods”, P&G just released these new and possibly tasty additions. Update – The demand for Tide Pods “Peeps” Easter Candy has been so exuberant that shelves are already emptied.  Disappointed shoppers were heard to say that “these Pod Peeps went faster than a $99 dollar 60 Inch Big Screen TV at Walmart on Black Friday”.

As Seen On TV – The “Taco Cleanse” System

Or if you want to save a couple of bucks, you can make your own Taco or Burrito Cleanse.  Just leave your favorite flavor of taco or burrito on your car’s dashboard (or under the seat) for a couple of days, then enjoy.  You will be cleansed.

New Tide Juice Box

With the success of Tide Pod snacks, it was inevitable that Procter & Gamble would add a line of beverages to help wash those little snacks down.


When I Was A Kid…

And I had to walk 20 miles through the snow, uphill…both ways, to get to school.

I’ll Take a Baker’s Dozen Of My Vitamin D’s, Please

And don’t give me any of those wimpy gluten free D’s either. Make ’em the real deal.

Bad Turkey Stuffing Is Worse Than Your Worst Bad Buritto

You shoulda followed your recommended USDA Turkey Stuffing Basics, fool. But, hey. That’s a mistake you’ll never make again.

This Will Not Work Out Well