Murica – Oklahoma Sushi

The obvious question is “how do they hook those ‘teeny-tiny fishes”?

Murica – Redneck Pacifier

Those rednecks are an industrious sort and always re-engineering and re-imagining uses for commonplace items.  Here we see Granny’s old choppers turned into a “Child Kidnap Prevention Device and Security Enhancer”.

Trombonalyzer Exhaust System Upgrade

Murica – Redneck Plumber’s Helper

Guaranteed to blow those pesky clogs away.

Perfect Gift For Your ‘Manly’ Man

**Also available in a convenient spray. Refills available.

The New ‘Musclebound’ Car

I’m Just waiting for the first case of “Roid Road Rage” to happen.  BTW.  Try saying “Roid Road Rage” three times fast.

Murica – Muddy Momma and Toys

Murica – 18 Wheeler Pontooner

10-4 Good Buddy.  Watch my wake.  Not a catfish in sight.