Murica – Redneck Target Practice

Found here. Heh.


Murica – The General Wee

Everyone is getting ready for CBS’ new and woke re-release of the “Dukes of Hazzard”.  They say that the new and ‘smarter’ General Wee car will blow you out of your flip-flops.  And Daisy Duke in a pussyhat …. Hot!!

Just some good ol boys, never meanin’ no harm – they been in trouble with the law since the day they wuz born…’


Murica – WV VW Makeover


Murica – Oklahoma Sushi

The obvious question is “how do they hook those ‘teeny-tiny fishes”?


Murica – Redneck Pacifier

Those rednecks are an industrious sort and always re-engineering and re-imagining uses for commonplace items.  Here we see Granny’s old choppers turned into a “Child Kidnap Prevention Device and Security Enhancer”.


Trombonalyzer Exhaust System Upgrade