Murica – Oklahoma Sushi

The obvious question is “how do they hook those ‘teeny-tiny fishes”?

Murica – Redneck Pacifier

Those rednecks are an industrious sort and always re-engineering and re-imagining uses for commonplace items.  Here we see Granny’s old choppers turned into a “Child Kidnap Prevention Device and Security Enhancer”.

Murica – Redneck Plumber’s Helper

Guaranteed to blow those pesky clogs away.

Redneck Engineering Saves Us From AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather)

Murica – 18 Wheeler Pontooner

10-4 Good Buddy.  Watch my wake.  Not a catfish in sight.

Capuchin Engineering

The primate equivalent of “Redneck Engineering”.

Murica – Redneck Water Park

Earline. Don’t get that smoke wet, ya hear?

Murica – Mazda Maserati Makeover