Rube Goldberg’s Bubble Blowing Machine

Rube Goldberg Alarm Clock Prototype

Rube considers this project a “Work in Progress”.

Bamm Bamm – The Baby Bottle Robot

Bet you can’t guess why this little robot baby bottler is named ‘Bamm Bamm‘?

Rube Goldberg’s Bike

Visit Rube.

What Was The ‘Inception’ of the Conception For this Table Project?

“Inception” – Official Trailer

ScienceFaire – Pringles Structural Design Lesson

There is a little Rube Goldberg inspiration in every tube of Pringles.

Remington – Not Your Auntie’s Typewriter Anymore

Lock and load, typists!

**Take a close look. Clever repurposing, don’t you think?

Newest ‘Shark Tank’ Product Submission

I’m betting that this baby will cause a bidding war between Lori and Mr. Wonderful with Mark Cuban butting in at the end like the turd he is.