Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer

.38 Special Lipstick.  The perfect gift to let your best girl know you care.

.38 Special – “Hold On Loosely”

Pumpkin Survived Halloween

But Thanksgiving?  Maybe not so much….


Hollywood’s ‘Three Little Pigs’, the Sequel

Awww!! That’s MY Human

My patience is limited. Wait for it. Wait for it….

Tales From The FrankenWeinstein Chronicles

It has been quite a week for Senator Al Franken, Minnesota’s grossest groper.  Formerly known as Senator Stuart Smalley, the ‘handy’ politician will henceforth be known as Senator FrankenWeinstein. Behold….

ScienceDiet – Cockroach Donuts

Eeewww!! Wait a minute! Wait a minute. The donuts only look like cockroaches.  I was worried that donuts had become the newest example of “Cricketeria” Food.  Ugh.

Chimp Sniper School

A Treehouse’s Treehouse