How’s That New Year’s Resolution Working Out For You?

StreetArt – Plain Old Vandalism

Or not.  It looks pretty artistic to me.

Here’s some more StreetArt¬†of note.

Fire Him In A Kiln For Perfect Yard Art

Mr. Greenware Before First Firing

Neighbors Call Cops On Christmas Decorations

Why would anyone call the Cops for a work of art? Everyone is just so ‘effing “Bah Humbug” PC-Politically Correct these days.

The Way of Zen

StreetArt – Definitely Not Your Cowboy Grandpa’s Lariat

A New Look at Salvadore Dali

Yep. He’s still really, really strange.

There’s a Story Behind This House

Or the ‘story‘ could be in front of the house…Check out the fence.