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RVAMAG–Hollywood is burning, and it’s not just the California sun. The writers’ union has been grinding axes for a while now, and recently, the actors joined the fray. There are tons of sticking points between the unions and the big studios, but the elephant in the room is artificial intelligence (AI) and its impending impact on the art of film creation. In the last 18 months or so, AI has slammed the creative industries, chopping down production times and slashing pay. There’s a real fear that this AI revolution could lead to sweeping unemployment or wage reductions to borderline poverty levels—and we’re not talking distant future. We’re talking with a couple of years, maybe less.

Baby Elon? Real Or Memorex…

‘Baby Elon’ Musk takes over internet after AI-generated photo sparks anti-aging cream jokes

New York Post–A Twitter account shared the AI-generated photo of Elon Musk saying he took too much anti-aging cream, with many enjoying his new look.

“Breaking: Elon Musk was reportedly working on some anti aging formula but it got way out of hand,” parody account @alifarhat79 said.

The photo in question shows a youthful-looking Musk wearing brown overalls and a white shirt while standing in what looks to be a home office/study.

The Twitter owner responded to the photo in true Musk fashion saying “Guys, I think I maybe took too much.”