Ilhan Omar To Appear On The “Maury” Show

Omar Expects Maury To Clear Up Any Questions Regarding Her Previous Marriages, Credits Elizabeth Warren For The Strategy.

“Ilhan Omar SPLITS with her husband and moves into luxury penthouse as she heads for SECOND divorce with father of her three children,” reports The Daily Mail.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote in June that it ‘could neither conclusively confirm nor rebut the allegation that (Elmi) is Omar’s sibling.’ Politifact and another myth-busing website, Snopes, came to similar conclusions.

On their marriage application they gave their address as Columbia Heights, Minnesota, but were married 25 miles away in Eden Prairie at a nondescript single-story brick building that houses a county office and a library.

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Sharpton Goes To Baltimore And Jussie Smollett Stays Home

Sharpton says Trump ‘playing race-divisive card,’ reports The Baltimore Sun.

Activist and media personality the Rev. Al Sharpton criticized President Donald Trump, who has posted multiple tweets bashing Baltimore and U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, while attending an home ownership event Monday at a city church.

“He has a particular venom for blacks and people of color,” Sharpton said of Trump, speaking outside New Shiloh Baptist Church in West Baltimore. He stood in front of a banner bearing the logo of his National Action Network and the slogan “No Justice, No Peace.”