Two Questions For Barry O…

Obama’s College Classmate Issues Ominous Warning about Former President’s Shady History

TheDailyFetched–Former President Barack Obama’s college classmate, Wayne Allyn Root, delivered a message about the “gay” issue, which Tucker Carlson touched on earlier this week, warning it is just the tip of the iceberg.

As we reported on Thursday, Tucker weighed in on allegations surrounding Obama’s lifestyle, which came from Larry Sinclair on the Adam Carolla Show.

Carlson explained that in “2008, it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having sex with men and smoking crack.”

Wayne Root, who is the author of the #1 bestselling hardcover book in America in 2012, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” and Obama’s former college classmate, has been warning about the “gay” issue for 15 years.

Which Came First?

One giant … lie? For Mankind? Why so many people still think the moon landings were faked

The Guardian–It all started with a man called Bill Kaysing and his pamphlet about ‘America’s $30bn swindle’

It took 400,000 Nasa employees and contractors to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969 – but only one man to spread the idea that it was all a hoax. His name was Bill Kaysing.

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A Day In The Life Of A FakeNews Story

I read the News today, Oh boy…

Beatles – A Day In The Life

How a Tiny Elections Company Became a Conspiracy Theory Target

New York Times–At an invitation-only conference in August at a secret location southeast of Phoenix, a group of election deniers unspooled a new conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential outcome.

Using threadbare evidence, or none at all, the group suggested that a small American election software company, Konnech, had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data about two million poll workers in the United States, according to online accounts from several people at the conference.

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The Jeffrey E. Epstein Memorial Bridge – Your Government Wants To Sell It To You

Here’s a sampling of Gateway Pundit’s, “Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death.”  Have I got a bridge to sell you….

** Epstein said he was considering cooperating in “naming names” in his international sex ring
** He was found unconscious in his prison cell just three weeks earlier
** Two days prior to his death documents released for the first time implicated several top Democrats in his pedo sex ring
** He was taken off suicide watch after a failed attempt just two weeks earlier
** The cameras malfunctioned — There is no video
** Then later we hear the cameras showed the guards did not do rounds? Which is it?
** The prison guards had worked several extra shifts last week

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