UPS Reveals New Amazon Fulfillment Domination Strategy

We go places no stinkin’ drone would dare to go.

Zucchini Bob and His Dog ‘Cat’ Pose After Successful Opening Day

Zucchini Bob said, “I couldn’t have done this without my dog, ‘Cat’.” ┬áBob went on to say, “There’s no such thing as “catch and release” when ‘Cat’s’ around, although he does toy with them a bit before he bags ’em.”

Your Uber Driver Is ‘Barking’ That Your Pickup Is Ready

Is that the new “headless” Uber ride?

Air Jordans Rescued From Foot Locker During Hurricane Irma

Witness a group of courageous ‘undocumented shoppers’ rescuing Air Jordans and other footwear from harm’s way during Hurricane Irma.

Heh – Subtle Japanese Humor

Grade 2 Level Kanji Chart – Whew!!

When Mother Says It’s Nap Time…

Especially if it’s Mother Nature telling you. You notice how these ‘Big Rigs’ obey Mom?


Swamp Minion

Oh, I get it….Or maybe not so much.

Perfecting My Exercise Routine