Chicken Run – No Knives Allowed

The Daily Wire reports, “Britain Prints Knife Crime Warnings On Fried Chicken Boxes.” What?  Get outta here Foghorn Leghorn.

“Special chicken boxes warning about the dangers of carrying a knife are to be distributed to takeaways across England and Wales by the government,” reports Sky News. “More than 320,000 of them — featuring the Home Office #knifefree campaign — will replace the standard packaging in 210 outlets.”


Hurricane Irma – “Chicken Run” Evacuation Burritos

After images of  “Chickens wrapped up like burritos during Florida evacuation” went viral, you can be assured that every Roach Coach and Taco Stand in the country is going to have a newspaper wrapped ‘Hurricane Irma Chicken Burrito’ on the menu.


Chicken Run – Donald J. Trump Style

For every meme liberals come up with in an attempt to ‘dog'(or chicken?) President Donald Trump, it somehow goes awry, biting them in their hypocritical butts. First there was the CNN WWF Throwdown, and now we have your White House lawn “Chicken Run” meme. Move over Foghorn Leghorn, the Democrats have arrived.