Gavin Newsom Opens His Arms (and California’s) To MS 13

As reported in Breitbart, “California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a slave owner and Nazi for referring to MS-13 illegal immigrant gangsters as “animals.” He also added that Trump’s “hateful rhetoric” can lead to “hate crimes” and “genocides”

Perhaps the rest of us should give Mr. Newsom the opportunity to “practice his preaching” and offer any MS 13 gang member interdicted in any of the other continental 47 States a choice: A) Go to jail and then be deported, or B) Accept a Bus Ticket to California and $300 Bucks for munchies and pot to help get settled in to Mr. Newsom’s Neighborhood.


Guarding Our Border Crossings


The Washington Post Slings Another Slippery Headline – Updated

Update: The article “That caravan of migrants Trump was tweeting about? Mexico stopped it.” refered to below appears to have been disappeared by the good folks at the FakeNews Washington Post.  The link from the old article go directly to a new one, “The caravan of migrants that’s alarmed President Trump stalls at a soccer field.”  They rewrote it, but failed to include an “Oops” we made an error correction.  Instead, they just made it go away.

That incorrigible Washington Post can’t resist serving up misleading headlines in an effort to try and diminish President Trump. For example, “That caravan of migrants Trump was tweeting about? Mexico stopped it.”

This misleading headline is one of the reasons the WaPo gets labeled so often as FakeNews. The headline – “That caravan of migrants Trump was tweeting about? Mexico stopped it.”

The ‘facts’, though, as reported in the story, belie the “Mexico stopped it”part of the headline. For example, the “annual caravan…is currently in the town of Matias Romero Avendano in the southern state of Oaxaca.” It’s still there waiting for something that may or may not happen.

Or how about, “A portion of the group …[is in] the neighboring state of Veracruz…but it is unclear whether that group has so far dispersed.” If it’s unclear that the group has dispersed, it probably hasn’t.

Or my favorite, “An official from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration told BuzzFeed News that Mexico plans to disband the caravan by Wednesday.” We have plans to, but as of yet we haven’t stopped anything at all. You know what they say, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”


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The Democratic Party’s true definition of the D.A.C.A. program.


‘Chain Migration for Dummies’ – All You Need to Know in 30 Seconds

And you are truly a dummy if you think the existing “Chain Migration Scheme” will hold any benefit for this country.  Here’s a  30 Second Tutorial on Chain Migration from NumbersUSA.

A Simple Chain Migration Graphic – How It Really Works


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