Rube Goldberg’s “Heart Weavers”

These “weaving’s for the heart” get Rube’s approval because they’re so damn tediously, tiny, and complicated. But I would add, amazing. Watch.

Procter & Gamble’s New Line of “Tide Snacks”

Capitalizing on the unexpected success of “Tide Pods”, P&G just released these new and possibly tasty additions.


The Wonders of the New 4K TV’s

Actually, maybe I won’t be upgrading after all.

How’s That New iPhone Facelock Working Out For You?

Not so well, I suspect, Mr. Early Adopter….

Tinfoil Hat House

The truth is out there…

“The X-Files Intro” –


Apple Announces iPhone X Accessories

Not only will your iPhone X turn your face into a ‘poop emoji’, which is Apple’s way of telling you that you paid way, way too much for that phone, but you can also take care of all of your kitchen tasks with this new accessory.

**FakeNews Alert

Tasked With Turning Hurricane Irma Out To Sea

The Trump Administration and the State of Florida are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to minimize the damage from Hurricane Irma.

Future Weather Control Shaman Intent on Turning Irma to Sea

**FakeNews Alert

Perpetual Motion Breakthrough – Redneck Gyroscopic BBQ Machine

You never see the “man behind the curtain”.


Previous failed attempts to find the key to creating a “perpetual motion” machine.