Gunshots and Explosions and Soda Cans, Oh My!

The Daily Caller reports that, “MSNBC Host Reporting On Youtube Active Shooter Confuses Soda Can Opening For Gunshots“.  The incident made for a most excellent Wizard of Oz, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” moment, don’t you think?

A bizarre moment occurred during the network’s on-air coverage of the YouTube headquarters shooting when host Nicolle Wallace confused a soda pop can opening for potential gun shots.

That’s when the near-unmistakable sound of a soda can opening – for some reason, live on-air – could be heard on the MSNBC set.

“I think we just heard some gunshots,” Wallace reported. “Should we listen to that for a second, control room? Not gunshots? OK. They’ll tell us if there’s something we need to — to dip in and listen to.”

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! – “The Wizard of Oz”

Kate Steinle Murder Trial Juror Comments On Verdict

From CBS-SFBayArea, “Jury Finds Garcia Zarate Not Guilty In Steinle Murder Trial“.

Unnamed juror from the Kate Steinle Murder Trial is overheard saying, “Suck on that Donald ‘Effing Trump.”

Jurors Thursday afternoon acquitted the illegal immigrant accused of killing Kate Steinle as she walked with her father on a crowded San Francisco pier of all charges except for felony possession of a firearm.

A spokesperson for the Superior Court of California made the announcement that the jury had reached a verdict shortly after 3 p.m. Shortly after 4:30 p.m., the shocking verdict was announced that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty of all charges except for the gun possession charge.

Sources close to the jury claim that most of the jury deliberations focused on how best to send President Donald Trump a message about not messing around with ‘Sanctuary California’.