Chelsea Handler – Philosopher and Shower Queen

But, I guess, Golden Showers are OK?


Burt Reynolds, RIP


Kohler Teams With Kim Kardashian To Launch New Product Line


A Nicholas ‘Effing Cage Shower Curtain – ‘Precious’

Can you imagine performing you morning ablutions with the ubiquitous Nicholas ‘Effing Cage watching? I think not. Perhaps it’s time for that garage sale – let Nick go home with another fool.


Amber Heard – Oppression Chic

These rich and privileged  Hollywood types really need to get over themselves.  The latest, Amber Heard posing in her tastefully chosen “Oppression Chic” outfit telling the rest of us US Immigration policy sucks.  And this coming from the woman that married Johnny Depp.  Somehow when it come to common sense and public policy, I’m not so sure that we really want any from the woman that presided over that hot mess of a marriage.


James Gunn – A Real ‘Marvel’ Of A Thug

From Breitbart,

Marvel director James Gunn has claimed that President Donald Trump secretly hopes for the murder of American citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants to help boost his popularity.

At the end of the event, Trump signed photographs of the victims, which according to his Director of Social Media Dan Scavino Jr. was something requested by their family members.

James. Perhaps you should learn to comb your hair before offering life advice to the rest of us.