#JailMichaelMoore In The Twitterham Community Detention Facility

Does anyone see the irony of @Jack and his Twitter Gestapo pulling the plug on @RealJamesWoods for a /sarc ‘n /snarky meme that’s obviously a joke and Michael Moore (@MMFlint) tweeting “Vote Because The GOP Doesn’t Care If You Are Raped” delivered as seriously as a heart attack by Twitter?

Here’s Michael Moores Tweet, Jack. Do you think you oughta do something about it?


I’m Following Michael Moore To Walmart

**Might have been found here.


Democrats Call Out ‘Big Guns’ To Fight Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination


Hump Day – With Michael and Rosie


Who Knew Mucus Had a Twin

It’s Michael Moore and his twin, Mucus.  Eewww!!


Trump Draws – My Friend Michael Moore