Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell Does the Joe McCarthy Two-Step Dance

Doing his best Joe McCarthy impersonation, Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell was overheard saying, “There’s Russkie bots to the left and Russkie bots to the right and Russkie bots in front and Russkie bots behind and even Russkie bots inside of us. And they’re all working from Trump.” Heh. #ReleaseTheMemo

Democrats Have a Hat and a Slogan

Good luck with that one, Nancy Pelosi.

Jeff “The Snake” Flake’s Big Speech is a Job Interview

It’s obvious Senator Snake is looking for a ‘Political Pundit’ position on CNN or MSNBC or whatever other liberal, anti-Trump network that might need a purported “Republican” for purported “Balance”.  Give us a FakeNews lecture Senator Snake?  I don’t think so.  By the way, Senator, you really are a sad sack.

Chiraq – Rahm’s Christmas ‘Shit-Show’

Oprah 2020??

Or maybe not.  Could she have a little ‘Harvey Weinstein’ problem in her closet along with her size 20+ pre-Weight Watchers body tarps?  That could take some heavy explaining, don’t you think?

Lindsay Graham’s No Friend of Mine, But, Really, Chelsea??

No class, low class Chelsea Handler strikes another ‘blow’ for Social Justice. One tweet and she pee’s on the last 20 years of advancements made by the gay community. No Class, Low class and Nasty. Typical Hollywood liberal. Open wide, Chelsea, and tell us what you think.

Speaking of No Class, Low Class and Nasty, here’s Chelsea taking her “Golden Shower” for the cause of Liberal enlightenment.

Liberal Solution To Arson

Ban Hi-capacity automatic matches. It’s obvious.  But, Liberals.  Don’t ignore the “Law of Unintended Consequences”….how are you gonna light your bongs?  Flint and steel?  Friction Bow and Stick?  Magnifying Glass?  Will all purchases of Hi-cap Automatic Matches require a Federal Background Check and a mandatory Three Day Waiting Period?  Heh.

Today’s Democrats On The Battle Of Britain

From, a timely reminder….

On June 17, 1940, the defeated French signed an armistice and quit World War II. Britain now stood alone against the power of Germany’s military forces, which had conquered most of Western Europe in less than two months. But Prime Minister Winston Churchill rallied his stubborn people and outmaneuvered those politicians who wanted to negotiate with Adolf Hitler.