Joe Biden Reveals New Infrastructure ‘Plan’

A $Trillion Here, A $Trillion There…Everyone Gets A $Trillion

Forbes–Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Signals A Death Sentence For Natural Gas. All politicians make promises during campaigns that they have no intention of keeping once they’ve been safely elected to office. President Joe Biden is no exception to that rule, and the domestic natural gas industry is likely to pay the price.

Throughout the early part of the general election campaign, the Biden camp made repeated efforts to deny its candidate had said what he was captured on video saying on national television, efforts that predictably failed to convince the public. As a result, he traveled to Pennsylvania late in August and, in a memorable appearance in Pittsburgh, made an overt promise that he would not in fact ban fracking, and discussed the importance of the role natural gas would play as a bridge fuel in his administration’s energy plans.

Too bad you’re gonna need a $Trillion for a loaf of bread and a block of Government cheese.