New ObamaPhone Upgrades Available – Ilegals Need Not Apply

Meet the New TrumpPhone X.

GOP Tax Reform Plan – Go For the ‘Low Hanging Chickens’

GOP Fox says, “I can almost taste the chicken.”


Zuckerpocalypse – 2024

2020 or 2024, same difference. Will Big ZuckerBrother get to rule Oceania? Does it mean something that ZuckerBrother was born in 1984?  He does have that “Big ZuckerBrother is Watching You” part down pat, for sure.

The Graham-Cassidy Bill – Stick a Fork In It

CNN reports, “The Republican zombie repeal and replace effort just died. Again.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ announcement that she will not vote for her party’s last-ditch attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare effectively dooms Republican hopes of abolishing a law they spent eight years campaigning against.

Okie Earthquake Detection Kit

With earthquakes at historic levels, the State of Oklahoma wants you to know when the next “Big One” happens.  You can pick up your free “Earthquake Detection Device” at any State or Local government office.  Some assembly will be required.


Bunny Has Bigger Cojones Than Republican Congress

When it comes to testicular fortitude Paul Ryan and his ‘dindo nuffins‘ Congress don’t hold a candle to this bunny with an attitude.


Really, PC People? Elementary school?

John Adams On Paul Ryan’s Congress