Question For Gillette – Does Being ‘Woke’ Mean You Have To Shave Your Pits and Legs?

Could this be a sinister marketing ploy to sell more excruciatingly expensive razor blades?  Would being a ‘girly-man‘ require one to shave more square inches of skin, hence, more wear and tear on those corporate annuities called Fusion 5 or Mach 3?

Here’s Gillette back when men were men….


Beto’s Michael Dukakis Moment

Michael Dukakis, “TANK COMMANDER”


Walls Are Good Enough For Clinton, Pelosi and Feinstein…

And the Obamas, and even Mad Maxine Waters, but not for you and me? How does that work anyway?


Trump Not Your President? Proudly Own It With This Pin

You don’t need no stinkin’ Flag Lapel Pin, just proudly display (and use) your “Trump is not my President” pin.  Follow the directions and you may just get you wish.

Thanks Anon in MT


PC Police Nab Santa – Ho, Ho, Ho, No Mo’

“Ho, Ho, Ho, No Mo'”

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron – De Héros à Zéro