Do You Think Uncle Joe Should Run For President, Little Girl?


Hillary 2020 – Here She Comes Again


Can’t Wait For ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden To Announce His 2020 Presidential Run


Hillary Works To Tame Her ‘Crazy Eye’ Problem

Still setting her sights on a 2020 run, and knowing that her little eye problem could cost a vote or two, Hillary has hired an eye expert to help retrain her crazy eyes.  That effort ‘oughta’ win her Wisconsin, don’t you think?


Bernie’s 2020 Bling


Zuckerpocalypse – 2024

2020 or 2024, same difference. Will Big ZuckerBrother get to rule Oceania? Does it mean something that ZuckerBrother was born in 1984?  He does have that “Big ZuckerBrother is Watching You” part down pat, for sure.