Elizabeth Warren Fails Test

Oopsie!! “Elizabeth Warren listed race as ‘American Indian’ on Texas bar registration.”

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren listed her race as “American Indian” on a State Bar of Texas registration card in 1986, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The Post’s reporting represents a previously unknown instance of Warren claiming her race as Native American and the first document that appears to definitively show Warren making the claim in her own handwriting. According to the Post, Warren has previously declined to answer whether she or an assistant filled out forms in which her race was listed as Native American.

Warren’s longstanding assertions of having Native American heritage have dogged her political career and provided fodder for attacks from President Donald Trump. Her use of DNA testing to confirm her limited Native roots last year was met with fierce criticism from some Native American groups.


Gropin’ Joe Biden Decides It’s Time To Grope Your Guns

Biden Pledges to Ban Guns with Magazines that Hold ‘Multiple Bullets’

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is promising to ban and confiscate guns with magazines that “hold multiple bullets.”

“Having assault weapons on the street and magazines carrying multiple bullets is irrational. There is no need for it, and your Second Amendment rights are in no way violated,” Biden told reporters in Iowa Monday.

How does that thought tickle your fancy?  Not so much? I thought not.

Biden 2020 – Grabbing Guns and More…