Nobody Takes an ‘Effing Liberal ‘In Blackface’ Seriously – Sarah Silverman?

From Buzzfeed we get a bit with “Sarah Silverman performing in blackface because she “takes her work at face value.” And somehow that’s funny??  And somehow the entire Liberal Elite Establishment and the entire repertoire of #SJW-Social Justice Warrior groups, and the BLM’s etc. aren’t coming for her with bricks, clubs and bottle of urine??  Where’s Maxine Waters?  Nancy Pelosi?  Or Crazy Ol’ Howard “The Scream” Dean??  Crickets everywhere.  ‘Cause her name ain’t Trump.  ‘Effing hypocrites.


More Hateful Democrats Blocking Schoolhouse Doors

It’s not racist Democratic Gov. George C. Wallace (D-Al) blocking the schoolhouse doors this time, but a group of hate spouting Washington DC Teachers Union members with some tag-a-long protesters blocking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a Middle School in Washington DC. Perhaps they were afraid that she might find a way to free them from the toilet of a failing public school.

Here’s Secretary DeVos blocked by Democrats from entering school.

Here’s racist Democratic Gov. George C. Wallace blocking the schoolhouse doors.

I’m not sure I can see a discernible difference.  Can you?


Can This Be Racist?

racist – Urban Dictionary Top Definition

If you’re a white man, this is what you are. It doesn’t even matter if your wife is black and you have an adopted child from India, or how many black friends you have, somehow you’re going to end up being a racist according to how the media portrays the white man as “racist whities”.

All of this is funny because the white man is the one that is stereotyped as being racist, which is hypocrisy at its best. It’s racist to assume that white men are racists.

If you don’t get offended by racial insults, then you’re apparently racist too, but an actual racist would get offended by it. When you hear a certain word too much (I’m sure we’ve all heard “cracka” hundreds of times thanks to standup comedy) then you become desensitized to it.

Well, that and the words white people get called sound stupid or non-offending. “cracker” came from cracking whips. Indiana Jones cracked whips too, and he was a badass. “honkey” sounds like some kind of gigantic sandwich, and “white boy” makes you seem like the lone white kid in breakdance movies that stands out amongst the other races and white kids. Most people only really think of rednecks when they think of “white trash” so they don’t get offended by it if they’re not rednecks.

Statistics guy: It was found out that the majority of blacks in America listen to hip hop—
Statistics guy: But I said the majority, meaning not all of th—

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Tactics Advice for Charlotte ‘BLM’ Protesters

The Charlotte Observer reports that the, “District attorney exonerates officer, denounces rumors in killing of Keith Scott“.

In an emphatic declaration, Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray said Wednesday he found no legal wrongdoing in the shooting death of a blm_advice_for_charlotte_protestersCharlotte man by police, and denounced pervasive rumors spread by social media about the case.

“I’m extremely convinced that Mr. Vinson’s use of deadly force was lawful,” Murray said.

In another story that reports on the protests following the revelations, The Charlotte Observer writes,

Four people were arrested following protests Wednesday night in uptown Charlotte after the county’s top prosecutor said no charges would be filed against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott.

And, of course, this provokes me to ask the age old question, “How do you ‘top a train?” Obviously, the answer is, “You ‘tep on the brake, ‘tupid!” Drumroll, please.