John Conyers’ Hump Day – Right Al? Right Joe?

Uncle Joe ‘Pennywise’ Gets Ready to Run

Gropin’ Joe Biden has put his game face on and is getting ready for a run for the White House.  See what you’ll be in for.

We’ll Miss You Gropin’ Joe

Joe Biden didn’t get his nickname “Gropin’ Joe” for no reason…

And Speaking of Herding Cats…

Here’s some advice for VP Joe Biden from some professional cat herders.

Paul Ryan Cracks Up At Final Dem Stupidity

Watch Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan burst out laughing as VP Joe Biden tries to herd his ‘pack of Democratic cats‘ as he receives the final Donald Trump Presidential electoral certifications.

The ‘Bonz’ and Joe Planning the Next Press Release

We’ve retired the Barack “Havana Bama” Obama moniker and introduced the new (SNL) inspired replacement, Barack “The Bonz” Obama.

Ronald Reagan – “Bedtime for Bonzo”

Joe Being Joe With BO


Gropin’ Joe Biden

Here’s a compilation of Gropin’ Joe Biden’s most notable gropes.  Eat your hear out Donald.