It’s Hump Harvey’s Wallet Day, Kirsten…

Bill Clinton’s Roosters Have Found a Home

Al Franken Returns to Work

Al FrankenWeinstein’s Senate colleagues have a new name for him, “Jabba the Rutt”. If the shoe fits Al…

Senator Al FrankenWeinstein, aka Jabba the Rutt

Liberal Heros

This looks more like a “Six-Pack” photo lineup of criminal suspects.  Hide your women and children.

They’re Hillary’s Biggest Fans


A Weinstein, A Weiner, And A William

Hollywood’s ‘Three Little Pigs’, the Sequel

Tales From The FrankenWeinstein Chronicles

It has been quite a week for Senator Al Franken, Minnesota’s grossest groper.  Formerly known as Senator Stuart Smalley, the ‘handy’ politician will henceforth be known as Senator FrankenWeinstein. Behold….

George Clooney’s ‘Hee-Haw Guffaw’ With Harvey Hump Day

Hey Harvey! Did you know you’re getting indicted next week? Hee-Haw….