Fingerprints Discovered On Trump “Dossier”

All He Wants For Christmas Is A Tattoo Removal Gift Certificate

He really wants to lose the Hillary ‘tramp stamp’ he got a year ago just before the 2016 Presidential Election while in a drunken “feel my inner feminist” stupor.  He thought that wearing a ‘pussy hat’ and voting for Hillary would get him a date.  So how’d that work out for him?  Not so well, on any account.

For the 2018 Mid-term Elections, he’s going to try a full body ‘Brazilian wax‘ and a “I Heart Melania” tattoo on his left (and now bare) man boob.  MAGA!

I Feel Like Taking a Drive in the Old DeLorean

88 mph should be about right to give the Mr. Fusion time to provide enough power to the flux capacitor….

Hillary Meets The Trump Train

“Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”

Hillary’s Back And She’s Got Her 2020 Plan

Hillary’s comeback from the political graveyard is so-o-o nasty that she gets an honorary Rule Z mention.

Rule Z – There is never, ever just one zombie.


Bill Clinton’s Roosters Have Found a Home

Hillary’s Latest Polling Problem

Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened” was purported to be the definitive analysis of her election loss to now President, Donald J. Trump.  However, we feel this latest poll most accurately sums up Ms. Clinton’s electability issues.  Tune back in tomorrow when we answer the question “Would you rather have dinner with Hillary Clinton or Jeffrey Dahmer?”

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden

Even Hillary, who is known for her extremely high tolerance for creepiness, is mortified by Gropin’ Joe Biden.