Obama’s New Side Hustle

This Maddow Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

The New PyeongChang Olympics ‘Star Wars AT-AT Walker Downhill Ski Event’

The ‘Star Wars AT-AT Walker Downhill Event’ rules are simple. There’s only three rules. If you finish, you get a Bronze medal. If you finish with two arms or two legs you get a Silver medal. And rule three, if you finish with both two arms and two legs you get the Gold medal.

Little Chicken Peckers

A fate worthy of being featured in a Stephen King novel.

The Benadryl Challenge

If you thought the Tide Pod Challenge was for true idiots, well, the Benadryl Challenge takes ‘idiot’ to a whole ‘nuther level of comatose.

FakeNews Heimlich Maneuver – A Real Lifesaver

Just remember to keep your feet (clad in your expensive shoes) behind the victim, the FakeNews Spew, once released, is worse than the worst case of “projectile vomiting” ever.

Meet The Newest Olympic Sport

You’ve got your Bobsledding and your Luge and your Snowboarding and your Ski Jumping. And they’re all good.  But now you have the most spectacular Winter Olympic Event of all – The Freestyle Shopping Cart Skiing Water Broad Jump.  Curling….eat your heart out

Texas Valentine’s Day Cards On Markdown

“Cook or Freeze” by February 14. Get a cute little sticker to go over the label, and no problem.  It’s the thought that counts, right? And do remember to give it the ‘sniff/tiny taste test’ when you thaw it out for next year’s romance.