Caitlyn Jenner’s Response To Speculation About Kylie’s Second Baby

Caitlyn had to learn this from Elle Magazine, of course. “Kylie Jenner Basically Just Confirmed She’s Ready for Another Baby”  Caitlyn was overheard saying, “A Tranpa is always the last to know anything.  Always second fiddle, and never the fiddler.”

It’s been a year since Kylie Jenner surprised the world with the news that she had given birth to a baby girl. Little Stormi Webster just celebrated her first birthday, and apparently it has Jenner feeling a little sentimental about being pregnant.


Keith Richards RIP Update – No More ‘Monkee-ing’ Around For Peter

Sadly it’s time for another Keith Richards RIP Update. Keith’s still here but there’ll be no more ‘monkee-ing’ around for Peter Tork.  ‘I’m a Believer‘ that he’s taken his ‘Last Train to Clarkesville‘.  It will be ‘Pleasant Valley Sundays‘ from now on for Peter Tork. RIP.

The Monkees – “Opening Theme”


SJW Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ends Dumb Blonde Jokes

Publishers scramble to rewrite punchlines.


A blonde brunette notices that her coworker has a thermos, so she asks him what it’s for. He responds, “It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.”

The blonde brunette immediately buys one for herself. The next day, she goes to work and proudly displays it.

Her coworker asks, “What do you have in it?”

She replies, “Soup and ice cream.”

**Disrespectful “Blonde Brunette Joke” found here.