‘Bearly’ Beer

Charcoal Activated Croissants or Something From The Cat Litter Box

From Mashable, “Please let these ‘charcoal activated’ vegan croissants be the end of the hipsterisation of pastries“.

Charcoal Croissant Affectionately named “Kitty Roca”

Apologies to all the croissant purists out there, but what you’re about to read might upset you.

Charcoal-activated vegan croissants have popped up in London. And, people have declared it too much even for east London.

TransJenner Restroom Doors

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Russian Poop Collusion

The Russians were caught ‘red-handed’ stirring up more poop, according to pooch’s Boris and Natasha.

Darwin’s Chainsaw Brigade

Alien Reboot – Sigourney Weaver Meets Alf

A Clockwork Hillary – Alex Is To Blame

Hillary found here.

“A Clockwork Orange” – Official Trailer

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