Ash Heap Of History – Hillary’s Not So Very Good (Actually Awful) Week


Hillary’s Hump Day – Literally

What’s Hillary got going on anyway? “The bulge is back! Hillary Clinton wears another over-sized coat with a suspicious protrusion sticking out”, reports the Daily Mail.


Hillary, Prepped and Ready For Stairs


Hillary – If It Wasn’t For Those Weak, White Married Women….

…I’d be president.

Hillary Blames White Women For Loss


Hillary Works To Tame Her ‘Crazy Eye’ Problem

Still setting her sights on a 2020 run, and knowing that her little eye problem could cost a vote or two, Hillary has hired an eye expert to help retrain her crazy eyes.  That effort ‘oughta’ win her Wisconsin, don’t you think?


My Morning Cup of Coffee

Tastes great, doesn’t it?