FakeNews CNN In the Crosshairs

Here’s one from the “I’m so woke, that I don’t need to do what I demand everyone else to do Liberal Hypocrite Department.”

Breitbart reports that “CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza deleted a tweet Tuesday afternoon containing a gif of President Donald Trump in the center of a rifle’s crosshairs.”  Ouch!!

You would think that with all the interminable hours FakeNews CNN spent on the Parkland Shooting story that placing the President’s image in a snipers “crosshairs” might be ‘one toke over the line‘.  But, sweet Jesus, not for Chris.


Rachel Maddow – Dumpster Diver


A Gaggle of Reporters At the White House Correspondents Dinner

Anderson Cooper (L), Jake Tapper (C), Jim Acosta (R)

Gunshots and Explosions and Soda Cans, Oh My!

The Daily Caller reports that, “MSNBC Host Reporting On Youtube Active Shooter Confuses Soda Can Opening For Gunshots“.  The incident made for a most excellent Wizard of Oz, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” moment, don’t you think?

A bizarre moment occurred during the network’s on-air coverage of the YouTube headquarters shooting when host Nicolle Wallace confused a soda pop can opening for potential gun shots.

That’s when the near-unmistakable sound of a soda can opening – for some reason, live on-air – could be heard on the MSNBC set.

“I think we just heard some gunshots,” Wallace reported. “Should we listen to that for a second, control room? Not gunshots? OK. They’ll tell us if there’s something we need to — to dip in and listen to.”

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! – “The Wizard of Oz”


New Product To Help Clean Up After FakeNews CNN Town Halls

You know that the aftermath of a FakeNews CNN Town Hall can be truly nasty and almost impossible to clean up behind (Huh?).  But now, with the New RotoWipe your little problems get flushed right down the drain.  No more dealing with nasty hangers-on, dingleberries, or having to do the dreaded TP Shuffle.

A FakeNews CNN Town Hall Product

FakeNews CNN – Show Us The Facts

You say facts matter, CNN. So let’s get to the bottom of the facts. Produce all of the texts, emails, notes, and communications of any kind regarding organizing the Town Hall event. Make sure to include story boards and direction from Top Management. Include any communications to Advertisers or Ad Agencies regarding placement of any ads along with sales presentations.

Now, agree to testify to the facts, under oath, along with all civilian principals, before a Congressional Committee. Then maybe we will know the facts.