The New York Times Gets New Mascot and Motto

The New York Times’ new mascot “Paperboy” is said to be mostly paper-trained, except when he hears the Times’ new motto “All The Poop Fit To Be Polished” and gets all excited.


Russian Collusion? Woodstock Says It’s Moose and Squirrel’s Fault

How does Woodstock know?


Putin Goes Gonzo

There’s “fear and loathing” in Washington DC as reporters go completely gonzo reporting on Vlad “the Influencer” Putin and his trusty sidekick, Donald.


Mother’s Warning

Used to be Mom’s warnings ‘be like’, “Don’t run with scissors”, or “Don’t shoot your brother’s eye out with your BB gun”, or “Eat your broccoli there are starving kids in China”.  Now?  Not so much.



Prince William – “Bugger All! You Bloody Damp Squib!!”… or?

“Bugger all! You bloody damp squib!!

Or… “Three kids, mate. George, Louis, and Charlotte

It’s all in your perspective.


Time Out For Acosta

FakeNews CNN’s,  Jim Acosta, has been throwing tantrums again.  Yes, Jim.  We know it’s all about you. From the Daily Caller, “CNN’S JIM ACOSTA DOESN’T DENY HE SHOUTS QUESTIONS FOR ATTENTION“.