Cartoonist Michael Ramirez Gets It… The Washington Post Is Clueless

‘Effing weak, wimpy and woke WaPo  caves  to Hamas sympathizers and tacitly approves using women and children as human shields.

Washington Post deletes editorial cartoon criticized as racist

The Washington Post–The Washington Post took down an editorial cartoon Wednesday that depicted a Hamas leader using civilians as human shields, after the drawing was criticized as racist and dehumanizing toward Palestinians.

Kills Cartoon In Search Results, Too

In a note to readers, David Shipley, editorial page editor of The Post, said the cartoon was initially meant to caricature a specific Hamas spokesman. But the backlash to the cartoon convinced him that he had “missed something profound, and divisive.”

“Our section is aimed at finding commonalities, understanding the bonds that hold us together, even in the darkest times,” Shipley wrote. “In this spirit, we have taken down the drawing.”

Other Michael Ramirez cartoons that didn’t make it into the oh, so sensitive WaPo

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