Ilhan Omar Caught Providing ‘Selfless’ Community Service To The US Post Office

“Helping the Post Office in this time of COVID-19 and Election Year crush of mail in ballots, is the least I could do to repay my debt to the country that took me in and gave me the wonderful opportunity to become a US Representative,” said Rep. Omar while taking a break from her busy mail collection route.

**/sarc ‘n /snark

Rep. Ilhan Omar On Keeping Families ‘Together’

Scott Johnson at PowerLine has been reporting extensively on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ‘marriage’, tax, and SJW Political Posturing. Follow the thread here, “FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF REP. ILHAN OMAR (11)“.  There’s a whole lot to unpack about Ms. Omar – from allegations she married her brother to perpetrate Immigration Fraud, to Tax Evasion by filing fraudulent Joint Tax Returns, and for her obvious anti-Semitism.  She appears quite proficient at marauding her way through this country’s laws, even while disparaging it to the world.