Ilhan Omar Caught Providing ‘Selfless’ Community Service To The US Post Office

“Helping the Post Office in this time of COVID-19 and Election Year crush of mail in ballots, is the least I could do to repay my debt to the country that took me in and gave me the wonderful opportunity to become a US Representative,” said Rep. Omar while taking a break from her busy mail collection route.

**/sarc ‘n /snark

Rep. Ilhan Omar On Keeping Families ‘Together’

Scott Johnson at PowerLine has been reporting extensively on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ‘marriage’, tax, and SJW Political Posturing. Follow the thread here, “FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF REP. ILHAN OMAR (11)“.  There’s a whole lot to unpack about Ms. Omar – from allegations she married her brother to perpetrate Immigration Fraud, to Tax Evasion by filing fraudulent Joint Tax Returns, and for her obvious anti-Semitism.  She appears quite proficient at marauding her way through this country’s laws, even while disparaging it to the world.

Omar – “Trump Isn’t Human”

Let’s see if I can understand the irony here. Democrats write laws that “allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun“, but think it’s OK for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to say Trump isn’t human, Rep. Omar on comparing Trump to Obama: Silly to equate the two, one is human the other is clearly not‘”.  If Trump isn’t human, what is he Ms. Omar?  An Infidel dog?  An Ape?  What?

Can you imagine the furor had President Trump intimated that Ms. Omar was less than human?  You would be talking about a supernova type explosion of the first magnitude.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Blinds Rep. Ilhan Omar To Real Venezuelan Crisis

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) doesn’t think that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. She is so consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred for U.S. Foreign Policy that she’s blinded by the obvious. Trump doesn’t control the World Press, Ms. Omar.  Just read the ‘effing news.  Or LMGTFY….

Venezuela crisis: blackout victims ‘murdered’ by Maduro government …

6 hours ago – Caracas (CNN)Seventeen people have died in Venezuela’s massive power outage, “murdered” by the government of President Nicolas Maduro, opposition leader Juan Guaido alleged Sunday. Guaido, Venezuela’s self-declared interim president, said Sunday that 16 states continued to be …

Venezuela crisis – BBC News

All the latest news about Venezuela crisis from the BBC.

Venezuela in crisis: All the latest updates | News | Al Jazeera

Venezuela has plunged into a major political crisis amid a growing row over President Nicolas Maduro’s future as the country’s leader. Maduro started a second …

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