Democrats Shithole Fever – Day 7

We could have the makings of another “Nightline” style late night news program.  Instead of chronicling the fate of the US Embassy hostages in Iran, we’ll be able to have a nightly rehash of what “Shithole” country Trump has offended today.  Perhaps the name could be “Nightsquats” or “Nightsoil”?  Just wondering….

Jeff “The Snake” Flake’s Big Speech is a Job Interview

It’s obvious Senator Snake is looking for a ‘Political Pundit’ position on CNN or MSNBC or whatever other liberal, anti-Trump network that might need a purported “Republican” for purported “Balance”.  Give us a FakeNews lecture Senator Snake?  I don’t think so.  By the way, Senator, you really are a sad sack.

Senator Tom Cotton Holds The Line On DACA Deal

Thanks Senator, Cotton. It’s too bad Senators Gramnesty, Snake, and Pot Grower decided to throw in the towel and be “Little Dicky” Durbin’s boy toys.

Senators Gramnesty and McCain relaxing in the Senate Cloakroom

Lindsey.  Why don’t you put on your big boy pants (those legs are really hideous) and help Senator Cotton get a ‘real deal’ for America.

Kim Jong-un Watches “Little Dicky” Durban’s Shithole Press Conference

Look! “Little Dickey’s” lip is quivering. Do you think he can work up a tear? I’ll bet you a bowl of kimchi he can.

Kim Jong-un, “Nobody knows Shitholes like we know Shitholes”

A ‘Shit Study’ About Some “Shit Holes”

Or if you prefer, “Countries Yet to Get Their Poop In A Pile”.  Or even “Countries That Are Excrementally Challenged”.

The definitive UN Shit Hole Report

“Little Dicky Durbin” – Democratic Demagogue

Mr. President. Do you think “Little Dicky Durbin” might be more appropriate?

The Wreck of the USS Willard “Mittens” Romney

Mr. Sanctimonious and failed Presidential candidate Willard “Mittens” Romney took to the Twitter waves today to proudly proclaim his moral superiority to plain speaking Donald Trump.


We say, “Mitt. Put a sock in it” Read the EVOLVING ROLE OF THE MASTER MARINER – LEGAL ASPECTS OF CAPTANCY and draw the parallel to the Captaincy of the USS USA. Do that, and Donald Trump might just make a Junior Mate out of you yet.

President Trump Said “Shit-Hole” Again, Daddy!!!