Meet The NY Times’ New “White People” Expert

As reported by Israel’s Arutz Sheva news site, “News NY Times hires “white people” expert Sarah Jeong“.

Looks like for we “white people,” there is no hope, no chance, no place for us in the new world order as imagined by the young and the restless Socialist Democrats.

Hmmm??  What has America’s “Newspaper of Record”, the arbiter of “All the news that’s fit to print” and purveyor of  “The truth [which] is more important now than ever” come to?

[Sarah Jeong] was hired, they say, for her expertise on law, technology, internet culture — and white people.

That’s her job description.

Well, okay, I added the “white people” part, though the more you read about Sarah Jeong, the recent editorial hire at The New York Times, the more you realize that she is mostly about defining people by race.

Senator Diane Spyeinstein – (Democrat-CA)

The Federalist reports, “Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy.

As media, intelligence agency, and political scrutiny of foreign meddling is seemingly at its apex, a story with big national security implications involving a high-ranking senator with access to America’s most sensitive intelligence information has been hiding in plain sight.

The story involves China and the senior U.S. senator from California, and former chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Dianne Feinstein. It was buried eight paragraphs into a recent Politico exposé on foreign efforts to infiltrate Silicon Valley, as a passing example of political espionage…