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Harvey Weinstein Screwed My Premise

And, obviously, that’s not all he screwed.

Trump Gives NFL a Kick in Weekly Address

Colin Kaepernick’s Style of Oppression

I should be so oppressed…

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How Was Your Day At The Office?

They do their job so you can do yours.

So suck it up Buttercup, a jammed copier maybe isn’t so bad.

“Hands Up, Don’t Bite”

Witness the birth of the WWM (White Winkies Matter) Movement.

WWM (White Winkies Matter) – “Hands Up, Don’t Bite”

More Liberal ‘Bricks In The Wall’

Good job ‘Lefties’. The Mercury News reports, “UC Berkeley’s ‘Free Speech Week’ officially canceled.”

A conservative UC Berkeley student group that had been working with right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to host a “Free Speech Week” on campus officially called off the four-day program on Saturday.

Liberal ‘Re-Education’ Process at UC – Berkeley


But the former columnist for the “alt-right” Breitbart News doubled down on his promise to go through with the event, leaving university and law enforcement officials wading into an unpredictable, potentially violent showdown on Sunday.

Some obligatory angst from Pink Floyd – “Another Brick In The Wall”

Give Hillary the “David Duke” Test

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, a ‘Yuuge’ Hillary supporter and Antifa Protester was arrested at UC Berkeley on a ‘Banned Weapons Charge’ during the far left Antifa riots protesting conservative Ben Shapiro’s speech Thursday night.

As evidenced by the photo, Hillary and the AntiFa protester, Sarah Roark, have more than a casual acquaintance.

As shown here, even Ms. Roark’s Facebook page was centered on Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to demand that Hillary condemn the actions and repudiate the support that Ms. Roark has given her.  That’s the ‘David Duke‘ test.

If Ms. Clinton fails to condemn her and fails to repudiate the support of anyone affiliated with the violent AntiFa movement, then Ms. Clinton is no better than an AntiFa herself. That’s Liberal Logic 101, is it not?