Christmas Songs Shot On Steel

Those Black Rifle Coffee Company guys sure are ‘joyful’ this Holiday Season.

USA Today’s Proposed AR-15 Mods – Heh!

Check out the AR-15’s yet untapped potential for modification – Limited only by a Liberals imagination.

No Background Check Required

How to Lube a Safety Pin

Of course, the safety pin we are referring to is your basic AR-15 Firing Pin.


Watch and learn, grasshoppers.  Err.  Snowflakes?  Umm.  #Whiners??  Yeah.  Yeah.  That’s the ticket!

Firearms Provided by Rainbow Armory & Tactical

Not just your father’s old black gun…


Girls with Guns Meet Colonel Sanders

Which came first?  The Chicken or the AR-15?  Wait. That was supposed to be, “Why did the AR-15 cross the road?”


**Answer to “Why did the AR-15 cross the road?” To gather the game it shot from about 200 yards on the other side of the road.

***No crap please about shooting across a road–it was a tasteless joke.

****Well maybe not tasteless, ’cause it “tastes like CHICKEN!!” (drumroll)

If a Gorilla Shot An Alligator With an AR-15…


AR-Printing Press Ban

They’ll be coming for those Hi-Cap Blu-Ray diskmags next.