“Blacken Fish – Cajun Style”, not “Blacklist”

Fair warning. The irony is strong with this one.

Liberal Lemming Gun Control Stampede


Weapons Guide for the Uninformed

Michael Ramirez helps inform the uninformed about weapons statistics.


Christmas Songs Shot On Steel

Those Black Rifle Coffee Company guys sure are ‘joyful’ this Holiday Season.


USA Today’s Proposed AR-15 Mods – Heh!

Check out the AR-15’s yet untapped potential for modification – Limited only by a Liberals imagination.


No Background Check Required


How to Lube a Safety Pin

Of course, the safety pin we are referring to is your basic AR-15 Firing Pin.


Watch and learn, grasshoppers.  Err.  Snowflakes?  Umm.  #Whiners??  Yeah.  Yeah.  That’s the ticket!