Murica – Redneck Plumber’s Helper

Guaranteed to blow those pesky clogs away.

Girls With Guns – Don’t Bring a Tire Iron To a Gunfight

Christmas Songs Shot On Steel

Those Black Rifle Coffee Company guys sure are ‘joyful’ this Holiday Season.

Girls With Guns – Learning To Trust A Democrat

Trust through superior armaments.

Girls With Guns – Water Cannon? Or…

Girls With Big ‘Effing Machine Guns

I love the smell of ‘gunpowder‘ perfume in the morning.  It’s my Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

Guns – Porcelainized Not Parkerized

Miss Manners says, “Watch your pinkie placement, kiddies.”

Taco Bell Employees Win ‘Taking Out the Trash’ Award – Updated

It was a “messy” crime scene…