Girls With Guns – 1960’s Style

I’m still trying to determine whether the ‘mass squinting’ occurring here is caused by the gunfire or ‘wardrobe malfeasance’.

“Blacken Fish – Cajun Style”, not “Blacklist”

Fair warning. The irony is strong with this one.

Liberal Lemming Gun Control Stampede

Girls With Guns – Don’t Bring a Tire Iron To a Gunfight

Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer

.38 Special Lipstick.  The perfect gift to let your best girl know you care.

.38 Special – “Hold On Loosely”

Girls With Guns – Learning To Trust A Democrat

Trust through superior armaments.

Girls With Guns – Water Cannon? Or…

Girls With Guns – Smooth Operating Door Gunners

Girls With Big ‘Effing Machine Guns

I love the smell of ‘gunpowder‘ perfume in the morning.  It’s my Pumpkin Spice Latte.”