Barack Obama – Election Monkey

Breitbart reports, “Barack Obama in 2008: Both Parties ‘Have Monkeyed Around With Elections’“.

Barack Obama warned supporters that politicians had “monkeyed around” with elections, during a campaign speech at Kent State University in New Philadelphia, Ohio, on September 3, 2008.

Then-Senator Obama (D-IL) said: “I come from Chicago. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too. You know, whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to tilt things in their direction.”

But, of course, if a Republican like Ron DeSantis uses the colloquial expression….


Monday Morning Morons

To introduce our newest feature, Monday Morning Morons, Evel “The Street Skier” Knotknievel demonstrates his famous death defying ‘Shoefly Slide’.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be reading about him in the Monday Morning Mortuary notices shortly.

Barefoot Water Skiing Championship – Now That’s Barefooting With Style