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Texas Democrats in DC is a ‘super-spreader,’ doctor says Psaki ‘refusing to acknowledge a medical reality’

FoxNews–They came to fight a Republican-backed voting bill. Now the group of renegade Texas Democrats is fighting COVID-19. At least 6 of the 55 Texas Democrats have tested positive for coronavirus — and so have 2 Washingtonians.

And the White House is wrestling the idea that their lobbying efforts might have created a coronavirus super-spreader event.

The group of state lawmakers flew in to Washington, D.C., last week in order to lobby the Senate for a Democrat-sponsored voting bill that would quash the type of legislation their home-state Republican counterparts are currently trying to push through. Many of them shared the same charter jet – from which they posted a maskless selfie.

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Biden’s New Door To Door Vaxx Plan… Do You Love Your Dog?

‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers

Politico–The Biden administration is casting conservative opponents of its Covid-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme, adopting a more aggressive political posture in an attempt to maneuver through the public health conundrum.

The White House has decided to hit back harder on misinformation and scare tactics after Republican lawmakers and conservative activists pledged to fight the administration’s stated plans to go “door-to-door” to increase vaccination rates. The pushback will include directly calling out social media platforms and conservative news shows that promote such tactics.

Has A Cure For COVID-19 Been Discovered? Can Ivermectin End This Pandemic?

I’m posting the American Journal of Therapeutics’ review of the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19. It’s too bad the MSM and Social Media have prevented this information from being widely diseminated.

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Kory, Pierre MD1,*; Meduri, Gianfranco Umberto MD2; Varon, Joseph MD3; Iglesias, Jose DO4; Marik, Paul E. MD5

Author Information
doi: 10.1097/MJT.0000000000001377



After COVID-19 emerged on U.S shores, providers began reviewing the emerging basic science, translational, and clinical data to identify potentially effective treatment options. In addition, a multitude of both novel and repurposed therapeutic agents were used empirically and studied within clinical trials.

Areas of Uncertainty:

The majority of trialed agents have failed to provide reproducible, definitive proof of efficacy in reducing the mortality of COVID-19 with the exception of corticosteroids in moderate to severe disease. Recently, evidence has emerged that the oral antiparasitic agent ivermectin exhibits numerous antiviral and anti-inflammatory mechanisms with trial results reporting significant outcome benefits. Given some have not passed peer review, several expert groups including Unitaid/World Health Organization have undertaken a systematic global effort to contact all active trial investigators to rapidly gather the data needed to grade and perform meta-analyses.

Data Sources:

Data were sourced from published peer-reviewed studies, manuscripts posted to preprint servers, expert meta-analyses, and numerous epidemiological analyses of regions with ivermectin distribution campaigns.

Therapeutic Advances:

A large majority of randomized and observational controlled trials of ivermectin are reporting repeated, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes. Numerous prophylaxis trials demonstrate that regular ivermectin use leads to large reductions in transmission. Multiple, large “natural experiments” occurred in regions that initiated “ivermectin distribution” campaigns followed by tight, reproducible, temporally associated decreases in case counts and case fatality rates compared with nearby regions without such campaigns.

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A TPE PSA – The 2021 CDC Pool Pooper Guide

Eeewww!! And Adults. Don’t forget your mask while swimming. Outside. In the water. Sounds like an exercise in self-waterboarding. For the kiddies. Don’t swim if you’re sick with diarrhea. One person with diarrhea can contaminate the entire pool. Learn more ways to keep you and those you care about healthy. Double Eeewww!!

They call the little girl on the slide ‘The Streak’…Eeewww!! Again!!

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