Abdullah Gets A Hump Day Hammering

It’s Hump Harvey’s Wallet Day, Kirsten…

Dustin’s Hoffman’s Titty-Twister Day

John Conyers’ Hump Day – Right Al? Right Joe?

Hump Day – With Michael and Rosie

#MeToo – Ellen Wishes For a Katie Perry Hump Day

Fox News observes, “Ellen DeGeneres gets slammed on Twitter over sexist tweet to Katy Perry“.

Comedian and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is receiving some backlash from fans after a joke about Katy Perry was taken as sexist.

The star courted outrage on Wednesday after dedicating a tweet to the “Roar” singer on her birthday.

“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” the star wrote over an image of her gawking, mouth agape, at Perry’s breasts.

Ben Affleck’s ‘Bro-squeezing’ Hump Day With Harvey

Again, in the spirit of “We never let a good Hump Day go to waste”, Ben Affleck’s little ‘bro-squeeze’ on Harvey’s quite voluptuous man-boobs deserves honorable mention for today’s “Hump Day With Harvey” edition.

Matt Damon’s ‘Suburbicon’ Hump Day

We borrowed our motto from Harvey Weinstein, “We never let a good Hump Day go to waste.”  Woo-Hoo!!