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Nike’s New Kaepernick ‘Signature’ Line

The “XXX-Small” is a Colin Kaepernick exclusive.


Mattis On Kaepernick

And remember to remember, you don’t need to watch no stinking Monday Night Football, either.


Nuke Nike – Just Don’t


Burn, Baby Burn, It’s A Nike Inferno

CNBC reports, “Nike shares fall as backlash erupts over new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick“.

  • Nike shares are falling Tuesday morning after the company revealed a new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.
  • The news of Kaepernick, who in 2016 decided not to stand for the national anthem to protest racial injustice, becoming the face of Nike marketing sparked some backlash from consumers on social media.
  • #NikeBoycott was trending on Twitter, with some people saying they were going to burn their Nike sneakers.

Burn, Baby Burn. It’s A Nike Inferno.

Burn, Baby Burn. It’s a Nike Inferno

Folks screaming, out of control
It was so entertaining when the Nikes started to explode
I heard somebody say
(Burn baby burn) It’s a Nike Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn those sneakers up
(Burn baby burn) It’s a Nike Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn those sneakers up
Satisfaction came in a chain reaction
I couldn’t get enough, so I had to self-destruct

The Trammps – “Disco Inferno”


Songwriters: Leroy Green / Tyrone Kersey


Liberal Heros

This looks more like a “Six-Pack” photo lineup of criminal suspects.  Hide your women and children.