Democrat Funny Money

The Push for Oprah on $50 bill, Kamala Harris on $100, Taylor Swift on $20

Washington Examiner–The British information firm Merchant Machine called for putting Vice President Kamala Harris on the $100 bill, media big Oprah Winfrey on the $50 bill, and tennis champ Serena Williams on the $10 bill. And if Tubman is sidelined, the firm suggested singer Taylor Swift on the $20 bill.

No, it’s not the Pete Buttigieg $5 Dollar Bill, but Alfred E. Neuman’s –of Mad Magazine fame.

“To counteract this gender disparity, we showcase six of the most influential women of 2020 who we feel are deserving to adorn the future series of banknotes. From leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic, fighting for climate change, dominating the music and athletic spaces, and revolutionizing the political landscapes, these are the women making modern history,” said the firm.

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