Woke Warner Bros. Confiscated Elmer Fudd’s Shotgun

Elmer Fudd stripped of rifle in new Looney Tunes cartoon series

Instead, Ol’ Elmer gets to go Medieval on the ‘cwazy’ wabbit.  The Einsteins at HBO/Warner Bros. gave him a scythe to try and cut Bugs’ ‘effing head off.  Genius.

New York Post–It just got a lot harder to hunt wascally wabbits.

Warner Bros is stripping Elmer Fudd of his rifle in a new Looney Tunes cartoon series on HBO Max, handicapping the grumpy hunter as he continues his decades-long pursuit of the wise-cracking Bugs Bunny, according to reports.

The change in the latest incarnation of the iconic animated series is a response to the gun violence in the US…